NRLM Progress at a Glance

Sl.No. Indicators Achievement
I. Geographical coverage under NRLM
1 Number of States transited to NRLM (27 States + 1 U.T.) 28
2 Number of Districts with intensive blocks in NRLM States 318
3 Number of Blocks identified for intensive approach in NRLM States 1,379
4 Number of Blocks where intensive implementation has commenced 1,251 (91%)
5 Number of villages in which intensive implementation has started 99,275
II. Progress in Intensive Blocks (includes NRLM- EAP/ State Projects)
6 Number of households mobilized into SHGs (in Lakh) 197
7 Number of SHGs promoted (in Lakh) 19.6
8 Number of Village Organizations promoted 92,151
9 Number of SHGs provided Revolving Fund 5,89,362
10 Amount of Revolving Fund disbursed to SHGs (in Lakh) 55,683
11 Number of SHGs provided Community Investment Fund (CIF) 3,50,405
12 Amount of Community Investment Fund disbursed to SHGs/ Village Organizations (in Rs. Lakh) 1,54,500
13 Number of Community Resource Persons developed 34,222
14 Amount of credit mobilized through banks (in Rs. Lakh during FY 2013-14) 10,91,896
15 Number of youth provided self-employment training under RSETI during 2013-14 (in Lakh) 2.27
16 Number of Mahila Kisans supported under MKSP (in Lakh) 24.50
17 Number of Producer Group promoted 1,485
18 Net cropped area brought under sustainable agriculture (in Lakh Acres) 36